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Cliff Notes of a Life

The Slight Observations of a Slightly Observational Girl

10/10/06 02:03 pm - Good news!

It was just senior fever!

In other news, I now officially love the very pop-ish "Maneater" by Nelly Furtado- perhaps because I always loved high school band battle music. Man, if I had a band we would play tons of highschool battle music. TONS.

9/10/06 11:26 pm - Senior Year.

I'm worried that I' ve become a bit of a downer- something I have never been before.
Hopefully it's just senior fever.

5/18/06 09:20 pm - I had a whole entry here.

LiveJournal just erased the whole thing.

DAMN you LiveJournal! (I just watched Gone With the WInd last night and feel a suddenly urge to go around damning people.)

So- a short summary of my lost entry:

1. Summer waitressing job.

2. Sister seeing ghosts while drying hair/ talking on phone. Possible Concussion? Mold? Or valley girl with pyschic abilities?

3. Need to write Jason at bootcamp. Fiancee is very nice (level-headed, sweet, etc...). Approve.

So- that's it, mostly...

"All the news that's fit to print."

5/18/06 09:02 pm - Some summer news from the hometown of the crazies.

Okay- so I officially have a summer job at a ridiculous themed restaurant in town. I just need to get my TABC server class finished, and I'll be serving margaritas and fajitas in no time flat.

Meanwhile, my sister thinks there's a ghost in our house that only she has seen. Strangely enough, she's not freaked out by this- and both of her close encounters with the supernatural happened at strange times- once when she was on the phone with her boyfriend, and the other when she was bloydrying her hair. We have a relatively new house which we built a few years back on farmland, so ghosts seem doubtful. A minor concussion or hallucinations from mold (although we don't have any in our house) seems more likely.

Iwrote Jason a letter, but should write him another because my first was ridiculously boring. Throw in ghosts and waitressing and I'm sure he's be ten times happier at boot camp. This could also be accomplished by mailing him sexy photos, butI don't think his fiancee would be too happy about that at all. She told me his address, and she seems like a really nice, suprisingly level headed young women (compared to some of Jason's former amors.) She's also quite pretty, from what I can tell. I approve.

3/29/06 06:57 pm - Look what I found!

Halloween photos!

The Grim Reaper, the Angel, and the Devil all party together.

They're all pretty hot too!

The Devil and the angel are at it agai- yet another muscle flexing contest- will they ever stop?

The Grim Reaper and the angel bond over chips.

The Grim Reaper does makeup- she's studying up for a more glamorous job as a beautican.

Which is which? Will the madness ever stop?

Stephanie's good angel.

3/19/06 10:02 pm - So...okay- glasses.

Yesterday I was reading in bed and I just sort of glanced at myself in the mirror- and my hair was all dishelved and I had my glasses on, and I thought- damn, I look pretty sexy with glasses. So all today I wore my glasses around campus, but sadly the effect seemed to wear off as the day grew longer. Now I just look like a schoolmarm.

I need a haircut too.

2/27/06 10:49 pm - 21st Birthday!


Please Note: I got the dress pictured here (this red Bollywood-like formal gown) for $10 at Boystown. Pretty awesome! I really love this picture- it's quite possibly my favorite group picture ever. Just look at how cute Sarah looks! Also- I found out that I loathe pink champagne- what a disappointment!

2/7/06 10:45 pm - This is lame but...

In case you didn't know, I really, really love Sherlock Holmes.

So when I saw this at the library while researching, I had to pick it up. It is by far the strangest cover of any Sherlock Holmes book I have ever seen- it sort of has this weird 60-ish Willy Wonka thing going on as you can see. It's a prime example of why you shouldn't draw illustrations for Victorian classics on acid.

1/22/06 02:58 pm - Ipod guilt.

Okay, so- confession:

I got an ipod for Christmas (and no, I did not chuck out an enormous amount of money for mine, it's an older version that I got at sale price). This would normally be a good thing- but unfortunately I feel really guilty sometimes walking around with it on. This is mainly because I always kinda thought those people walking around with ipods all the time were kinda lame and spoiled, but now I feel the same way. Also, I don't really have any "cool" music on mine- I like 80s soundtrack music a little too much for my own good (or rather my reputation's good.)

Speaking of which, don't you ever wonder how other people view you sometimes? It's a little weird to think about, especially since people can have widely varying views about you.

I think in general people either see me as:

1. Aggressive and haughty.
2. Very shy and a bit of a pushover.
3. Fairly normal, funny, and work-oriented.
4. Lazy, fun, overly imaginative, and sort-of cool in an "indie" way.

I don't know- maybe I'm wrong- I never really got a handle on how people saw me in high school. Hmmm- either way it's sort of interesting to think about.

Also, I have to say- I think this Frank Black song is pretty cool- you should give it a listen over at the itunes music store.

12/5/05 03:06 pm - I need to stop watching so much damn television.

If I was going to kill myself I would do it by shutting off the windshield wipers while driving through a snowstorm and flooring it like in that movie "Young at Heart."

I'm just sayin'.

Other than that I don't have much else to say. This has been a depressing Christmas. It's always great to be an intelligent, shy, and self-deprecating single around the holiday season. Not to sound too depressing, but I really don't think I'm that important to anyone right now. I both hate this and enjoy it- strange as that my seem. It's better than having people hang around you because they think you're clever and are secretly hoping you'll end up a famous something-or-the-other and they'll be able to say they knew you in college.

I should totally take up smoking- it would go with my whole "holier-than-thou" attitude that I have at the moment.
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